Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are often the first line of defense against fire damage and an important tool in containing the effects of fire.

Are your inspection reports current?

All public buildings must keep fire extinguishers in working order, and annual inspection is required by law.

dnD Fire Protection technicians will ensure the fire extinguishers are up-todate in your home or business environment. dnD Fire Protection sells, inspects, maintains, and repairs fire extinguishers to ensure maximum safety. Protect your property with functional fire extinguishers and strategic placement.

Annual Maintenance

An examination of your extinguishers is commonly needed by NFPA or the native AHJ. Check out your jurisdiction and style of unit, the examination may have to be performed by licensed company.

Internal Maintenance and Hydrostatic Testing

Stored pressure ABC extinguishers are quite common, and that they usually need internal maintenance each6 years and hydrostatic testing every twelve years. Different kinds of extinguishers could vary in their internal examination and testing.

On-site Training

dnD Fire Protection provides facility on-site training to ensure proper usage of fire extinguishers.

dnD sells, services, inspects, maintains, and repairs:

  • K-type
  • 10 lb. Fire extinguishers
  • 5 lb Fire extinguishers

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