Fire Pump.

Annual Inspection & Performance Testing of Fire Pump

dnD Fire Protection Inc provides the labor and material required to conduct a full performance flow test of the fire pump, including electrical readings on the fire pump controller and performance ratings of the fire pump at churn, 100% flow and 150% flow. Upon completion, you will receive a Fire Pump Test Report. This service work meets NFPA 25 and NFPA 20 requirements for Annual Inspection and Performance Testing of Fire Pump.

Monthly Churn Test

dnD Fire Protection Inc provides the labor and materials required to conduct a monthly churn test, without the water flowing. Our technician will record pressure at the discharge side and the suction side of the pump, record the rpm reading and insure that the casing release valve operates properly. This service work meets with NFPA 25 requirements for weekly churn testing of electric fire pumps.